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'Atlantic Winter Skies'
Charcoal & Graphite     
114cm x 114cm.      2018
private collection

Oir na Sùil: Edge of Sight

Margaret Uttley • David Knight

1 June – 7 July

An Lanntair Arts Centre, Stornoway, Isle of Lewis, Scotland, HS1 2DS

8th September - 6th October, Gavagan Art, Settle, North Yorkshire. 

The paintings and drawings in this exhibition, frame and celebrate the dramatic promontory and vertical cliffs of Gallan Head and the Valtos peninsula.  Dominated by the Atlantic Ocean and vast open skies, it is a place of uninterrupted space.  Figurative and abstract, the work engages with scale, synergy and surveillance aspects of this charged environment, while lyrically combining atmospheric elements; weather, sea, sky, movement, colour, landscape, structures, rhythms and surface textures.  


The sense of drama and mystery is coloured by its past history as an MOD base, while plans for a Cetus Project to build an astronomical Observatory point to an alternative, intriguing future. 

'Corrosion & conservation'
Mixed media - Indian khadi paper, gesso, water colour, charcoal, pastel, graphite
80cm x 59cm                                     2018
private collection


Charcoal & graphite.    2018

90cm x 90cm

'58 degrees North'                                 'Island Eccentrics'                               'Reedy Loch'
Charcoal and graphite.        2017          Charcoal & graphite          2018.         Charcoal & graphite          2018
59cm x 59cm                                          59cm x 59cm                                      59cm x 59cm 
                                                                                                                           private collection

'Clear Winter Night'

Mixed media - Indian Khadi paper, gesso, charcoal, aquarelle graphite, water colour, pastel                                            2018

79cm 80cm

private collection

'Peat allotments of Lewis'

Charcoal & graphite drawing                            2014

57cm x 138cm

'Gateways of peat'

Charcoal & graphite drawing.                     2018

57cm x 138cm

'Storm Wreckage'

Charcoal & graphite    2017

90cm x 90cm

Private collection

'Uig Storm Clouds'

Charcoal & graphite.   2018

114cm x 114cm.  

'Anchored to the Land'

Mixed media painting.  2018

29cm x 29cm

'Reflections of the Cold Wars past'

Charcoal & graphite drawing.   2017

90cm x 90cm

'Concrete Boulders'

Mixed media painting.   2018

29cm x 30 cm

'Atlantic Flux'
Charcoal & graphite drawing    2018
114cm x 114cm
private collection

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