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Sales information


Thank you for looking at my work.

Should you wish to enquire about sales, to give you an idea...



Drawings     30cm x 30cm          £250

                       90cm x 90cm          £2200

                       114cm x 114cm      £3200


All drawings are glazed with 3mm clear perspex. the frames are simple off white to match the drawing paper.

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Kinetic Rhythms-Margaret Uttley.jpg

Paintings.    17cm x 17cm.         £320
                       30cm x 30cm.         £7400
                       90cm x 90cm.         £3200
Prices may vary to mediums and scale.
All frames are painted slightly off white.
Oil paintings are unglazed.

Please note that all works marked  
'private collection'         are sold.

red dot.jpg
Winters Tones small 72.jpg


wee ones, formed around an egg.                  £20
small coastal vessels, scale - tennis ball.        £40
medium coastal vessels, scale - bowl  £60 or £80
buoy coastal vessels, scale - buoy.               £120
big buoy, scale - football                                £240

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